Kalbarri quad biking along Wagoe Beach


1. Do I need a driver's licence to ride a quad bike or buggy?


To be able to drive a quad bike or a buggy you need to have a valid driver's licence. Driver's licenses are needed to complete the indemnity form.

2. What times are the tours and when will you pick us up?


Morning tour: 9am- ca. 11.30am  ( Pick up at 8.45am in front of your accommodation in Kalbarri)


Afternoon tour: 4pm-ca.6.30pm (Pick up at 3.45pm in front of you accommodation)-> time changes in winter and summer. Please make sure you check with us


Please contact us if you wish to book a 4 hour tour.


3. What do we have to bring?


- Driver's licence

- enclosed shoes

- a bottle of water

- your camera

- a hat

- please make sure you are covered in sunscreen :-)

4. How old is too old? And how young is too young?


In general there is no age limit. In 2015 we had our oldest guest, Peter 88, who had the best time of his life:


"Thank you Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours for a spetacular morning. What a ride, it was the best ride in my life! I will be back with my grandson.Thanks Jenny for the homemade chocolate muffins...delightful." (Peter 84, from Perth)


You are never too old to be a passenger on a quad bike or in a buggy. The passenger seats are comfortable and you will be albe to enjoy the ride of your life!!


Children must be at least 4 years old to be a passenger on a bike and 3 years old to be a passenger in a buggy. Any younger child is too young to reach the handlebar on the passenger seats.


5. Do you supply food/drinks?


Yes we do supply refreshments. Homemade chocolate muffins and coridial on a 2,5 hour tour. On a 4 hour tour we supply tea,coffee,coridal,homemade chocolate muffins and fresh homemade sandwiches with a variety of fillings.

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